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Business People Mingling


Building upon the cornerstone of Self-Awareness, Social awareness is understanding others’ emotions and motivations - the keys to managing relationships, having collaborative and effective teams in the workplace, and enjoying successful personal relationships.

With Social Awareness skills we can begin to transform our impact on the larger business and social issues that we face every day. Topics that help to build Social Awareness skills include:

Image by Markus Winkler


Image by Markus Winkler


  • Emotional Intelligence: The Link to Leadership Success

  • IQ + EQ: The Formula for Business Success

  • Change at the Speed of Light: Handling Change with Emotional Intelligence


  • Communicate Across the Generation Gaps

  • Don’t Eat the Menu: A New Perspective on Communication

  • Understanding Your Style: The DiSC Personality Profile

  • Make the Workplace Work for You: Communicate for Results!

  • Positive Power Plays: Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills

  • Talking to the Boss: Communicating to Get What You Want


  • Secrets to Successful Workplace Engagement

  • Creating a Winning Team

  • Manager v. Leader: Where is the Power?

  • The Management Woman: Developing

  • Your Leadership Power

  • Personal Journey to Leadership


  • Coaching Tools and Techniques for Productive Change

  • Coaching the Personal Journey to Leadership

Contact Patricia to discuss how each of these topics can be adapted for your audience (office, industrial, non-profit, government agencies, etc); and formatted to your requirements as:
  • an overview presentation of 45 to 90 minutes

  • a workshop of 2 to 3 hours

  • a training session of 1 to 3 days


SELF-HELP: Patricia offers a Successful Living Basic Training Course - check it out!

Looking for an intensive class? Learn about Patricia's Taking it Lightly course here.

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