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webinar  /  online classroom  /  in-person

Contact Patricia to discuss how each of these topics can be adapted for your audience (office, industrial, non-profit, government agencies, etc); and formatted to your requirements as:
  • an overview presentation of 45 to 90 minutes,

  • a workshop of 2 to 3 hours or

  • a training session of 1 to 3 days


Patricia Clason builds all of her courses, presentations, speaking topics, and coaching on the firm foundation of Emotional Intelligence Skills.


Each of the following topics can be customized (in most cases) as either a keynote/speech or a training session (up to 16 class hours).

Emotional Intelligence: The Link to Leadership Success

This class includes assessments of all these skills, a basic understanding of leadership philosophy, and a creative plan for further development of your emotional intelligence and leadership skills.


  • What kind of leadership is your natural style?

  • How does your personality affect your ability to lead?

  • Where does emotional intelligence fit in the leadership puzzle?

  • Have you identified your vision, mission and values?

  • Communication, accountability, and coaching skills are tools every leader needs.

  • How are yours?


  • Assess your leadership assets and liabilities to have an accurate basis for developing a path for your leadership journey

  • Become more aware of leadership theories and styles so you can determine what will work best for you and your team

  • Attune yourself with the corporate vision, mission and values through the definition of your own vision, mission and values

  • Increase your confidence in your leadership ability, so you can be more decisive, trusted, respected and supported as a leader

  • Better understand others’ behaviors and learn techniques for accountability, communication and coaching so you can better lead others and draw out their leadership skills


Assessments Booklet
  • Profile: Leadership Style

  • Profile: Emotional Intelligence Style

  • Coaching Guides

  • Pocket Guides

  • Skill Builder Booklets

Patricia Clason Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Presenter
EI Success



"Wow, you "blew their socks off" today. Thanks so much for the presentation. Sure opened some eyes, and I'm sure it will cause people to stop and think before they speak or make judgments. I know I have to watch what happens to my eyebrows when a waitress says, "How are you guys doing?"

 — Participant - Emotional Intelligence: Dealing with Difficult People

"You are a special teacher, your information is interesting, your verbiage is clear, your voice is exciting, your manner is positive, your message is concise. In addition to that I admire how you posture yourself. Very good,very very good!" 

Gina, Milwaukee, WI


“I had the recent opportunity to attend the class Emotional Intelligence with Patricia Clason, RCC offered through Marquette University ’s continuing education program.  I can honestly say this was a day well spent.  Patricia had a way of connecting with each of us in the class, was very knowledgeable about the topic, and presented the material in a manner that was both practical and interesting.   Participants were allowed to be engaged and as a result I felt I also learned from others in the class.  We not only received information that included statistics and additional resources to pursue the topic further, but also gained excellent tools for increasing our own emotional intelligence.   Without hesitation I recommend this class.” 

– Carla Smith-Liebich, Senior Assistant Director, Marquette University Office of Student Financial Aid


“I was highly impressed with Patricia’s conversational and personal style. She offered a variety of activities, with meaningful examples that kept my attention throughout the session, including action activities to ensure that we would use the information after class. We want her to keep coming back!”

 Dorothy Valentine, Education and Learning Specialist, Harley-Davidson Motor Company  

"Lots of positive comments from attendees who really appreciated how down to earth your presentation was and how easy it was to follow. Thank you!"

Karen Johnson, Wisconsin Association of Nurse Managers

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