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Successful living seminars with Patricia Clason

The best of Patricia's thirty years experience in personal development, the Successful Living Basic Training will give you invaluable insights for making your life the success you want it to be. This powerful program is not just a seminar, it's a well-developed plan for building the life you want to live.

Successful Living Basic Training Program


Getting What You Really Want

Getting What You Really Want

Ever wonder why most people don’t get what they want - most of the time? Explore your life purpose and set goals for your future. Identify your dreams and learn how to channel your energy into making things happen. Learn how to create a TREASURE MAP of your favorite goal, using the ancient powerful technique of visualization. Plus find out how to "put off procrastination" & get things done.

Through lecture and group interaction, participants will discover the reasons why they aren’t getting what they want and practical tools for defining purpose, setting goals and taking action.

When Your Word Becomes Law

When Your Word Becomes Law

Many of the angers and frustrations that we experience in our lives are a result of broken agreements, unmet expectations and failure to get what we want. One of the main reasons this happens is that we don't hold ourselves or others accountable. When someone does not do what they said they would, or only does a mediocre job, our expectations are not met and we feel angry, disappointed or cheated. Trust levels decline and satisfaction disappears.

Through lecture and group interaction, participants will discover the reasons why people don't want to be accountable and how to handle those situations in a way that empowers everyone involved. We'll also look at why we don't want to be "held accountable," how that perpetuates situations that don't work, AND how to make changes for ourselves so we can feel good and be accountable.

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Creating Healthy Relationships

This class is designed to offer alternative ideas and the experiences of others so that you can question your beliefs and then develop concepts that work for you. Some of the topics are.... What is Love?; What we do to keep ourselves stuck; Asking for what you want ..and more! You’ll leave with practical suggestions for improving your relationships - at work and at home.

We’ll use lecture and group interaction to explore the four types of relationships people have, how to communicate, and prevent destructive conflict.


There's More to Money than Dollar$

We all want more money. WHY?? How is it that there never seems to be enough? Discover the difference between prosperity and poverty thinking, why cleaning up and cleaning out is important to wealth, and how your self esteem affects your income.

Through lectures, conversation and group interactions, we’ll uncover your personal laws about money and then define the Five Laws of Wealth and how to put them to work for you.

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Using Your Words Wisely

Words are the channel for our creative energy. What we believe, think and say forms the reality we live in. Learn how this process works and what you can do to change your belief systems and your results. Positive thinking can be like icing on a mud pie - learn how to make affirmations work for you! Find out the importance of saying what you really mean and meaning what you say.

Lectures, conversation and group interaction will help you see how critical your language and self-talk are to success in every part of your life.

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Successful Living Seminars

Learn more about Patricia's seminars and how to join on her Successful Living Basic Training website here:

Contact Patricia to discuss how each of these topics can be adapted for your audience (office, industrial, non-profit, government agencies, etc); and formatted to your requirements as:
  • seminar offered individually or as a series

  • an overview presentation of 45 to 90 minutes

  • a workshop of 2 to 3 hours


SELF-HELP: Patricia offers a Successful Living Basic Training Course - check it out!

Looking for an intensive class? Learn about Patricia's Taking it Lightly course here.

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