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A personal trainer guides us to to achieve our physical fitness goals. A personal coach guides us to achieve our life-success goals.

Executive Coaching

Patricia Clason possess the knowledge, tools and experience to effectively guide you toward clarifying your goals, defining your plan, and developing the personal accountability required to achieve both your personal and professional aspirations.

  • Executive Coaching - corporate executives

  • Business Coaching - managers, supervisors

  • Business Development Coaching - owners and entrepreneurs

  • Performance Coaching - professional and career development

Patricia Clason Business Coach
Patricia Clason Executive Coaching



"Patricia coached me in the areas of time management, organizing projects and tasks, and overcoming some past paradigms. She was instrumental in setting the course for my success in executing my projects based on a time management plan. Additionally, I attended a weekend workshop at her center that served as a catalyst in overcoming some past inhibitors to my personal and professional success.  Patricia certainly played a big role in the success and confidence that I am experiencing today!"

- Dorothy Valentine, Consultant

“Thank you for all you did for me. I feel much more confident about marketing. It has become a way of life.”

- Colleen Lantzy, Psychotherapist


“As a coach, Patricia offers just the right blend of support, assertiveness and a wealth of good information on time management, organization, self-motivation and goal setting to help me stay on track. The coach concept is extremely effective and so is Patricia. I highly recommend her to anyone serious about being accountable for and actually achieving their goals and dreams.”

- Laurel Kashinn,
Graphic Designer/Writer, Blue Rose Digital

"Patricia has helped me move rather easily through the fears and resistances I face in building my business that used to stop me dead in my tracks before. After our coach call, I am once again a locomotive at full steam!"

- Jay Edgar, Edgar Resources, Coach


"I felt 100% listened to--which was therapeutic in itself. You didn't interrupt or inject any opinions or advice until I had finished and that allowed me to remain on track and focused. The unspoken sense that you were "on my side" was felt on a different level and allowed me to remain honest and open without unnecessary defenses. You did not get emotionally involved, yet I felt you cared. This gave me a feeling of having a rational, mature advocate..."

- P.A. Milwaukee

“I have accomplished more with Patricia’s guidance than I ever could on my own. My dreams became her dreams and together we made them happen. Thank you Patricia!!"

- Mary Angela Theys,
Unique Plants and Floral

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Patricia Clason is a founding member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches and practices within the ethics and competencies endorsed by WABC.

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