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Patricia Clason

Speaker  /  Trainer  /  Coach  /  Author

For over thirty years, Patricia Clason has traveled across the continent doing speeches, workshops and media appearances as a professional speaker, trainer, consultant and writer, giving over 5,000 presentations for corporations, associations, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Now the Director of the Center for Creative Learning, which offers programs for personal and professional development at offices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Patricia has written many articles, training programs, and personal growth seminars and is a sought-after guest for radio and television.

Patricia Clason Corporate Speaker
Patricia Clason Corporate Trainer

The focus of her work is on alternative methods of teaching and learning that produce high quality results. Her search for the best in the technology of human resources and development has taken her, as a student, on many adventures through traditional and some not-so-traditional training programs. 

An important aspect of Patricia's presentations is that she addresses the psychological perspectives and principles behind the practical tools that she teaches. As a result, audiences are often entranced with her and excited about using these new ideas.

Patricia often receives letters and phone calls from the participants in her programs, thanking her for the insights and inspiration she has shared in these presentations. One of the reasons people are so enthused about what they hear is that Patricia shares personal and real stories - so people know that her practical wisdom comes from experience, not just books and good ideas. Her diverse background makes her a competent presenter for spouse groups, schools, parents and personal growth groups, as well as business-related meetings and training.

Her business background ranges from executive secretary to food store manager, office manager, and licensed insurance agent. Currently she is the owner of the Center for Creative Learning and Patricia Clason, LLC. As a consultant and business coach she works with large and small companies, as well as individuals, in the areas of start-up, marketing, management skills and career building. Ask the Coach, Patricia's "Q & A " column on career coaching appeared monthly in the Employment Times and is now found on many sites. Her articles are often printed in business and trade publications.

As the host of A Sign of the Times, an interview format television show for Warner Cable for five years, she had the opportunity to introduce people to cutting edge technologies in all areas of life.

A member of the boards of several non-profit organizations, Patricia is active in both charitable and civic organizations.

To keep all this together, and still have time for her family and herself, Patricia must truly practice what she teaches in the areas of communication, time management and motivation, as well as business marketing, management and ethics.

Professional Experience

  • PATRICIA CLASON COACHING ASSOCIATES; Self-employed in this capacity since 1976. One-on-one coaching - personal or professional Business consulting on start-up, marketing, mission statements, team building.

  • CENTER FOR CREATIVE LEARNING, LLC; owner and Director, programs for personal and professional development

  • FUNERAL SERVICE INSTITUTE; a subsidiary of the Center for Creative Learning, focused on programs for funeral directors in the areas of ethics, stress management, conflict resolution, communication

  • LARIMER CENTER FOR ETHICAL LEADERSHIP - authorized to teach ethics programs utilizing the "Ethical Type Indicator" assessment

  • GREAT IDEAS! Speakers Bureau and Meeting Planning Consultants; Milwaukee's first professional speakers' bureau - (originally known as Genesis, organizers and promoters of seminars in the Midwest from 1976 to 1979).

  • MANIFESTATION MANAGEMENT, INC.; (formerly known as Time, Life and Money, Inc.) and LIFE ORGANIZATION GAME (LOG); subsidiary of Manifestation Management, Inc. Author of this time management and life planning system for increasing personal and professional productivity. President and Founder 1975 - 1994

  • LOZANOV LEARNING INSTITUTE; Certified Instructor in Suggestology (also known as Superlearning)


  • Speaking of Success Co-authored with Stephen Covey, Jack Canfield, and Ken Blanchard.

  • Ask the Coach syndicated column on business and personal development

  • Claim Your Unlimited Potential - a one year course in success and self-esteem.

  • Founder, Business Coaching Certificate Program, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

  • Successful Living Basic Training, digital streaming personal development program, foundational concepts for prosperous living

  • College and University courses - Trauma Counseling Certificate program and Business Coaching Certificate program at UWMilwaukee, Emotional Intelligence: Dealing With Difficult People, Including Yourself, Leadership Development Programs, and many more professional development classes

  • Life Organization Game; seminar and time management system

  • SUCCESS!; seminar series for the Lozanov Learning Institute

  • Professional Excellence Program - a nine month training program in professional speaking, group facilitating, workshop development and team building

  • Taking It Lightly, Step Into the Light, and Walking In the Light - weekend personal growth intensives.

  • Healing Warrior Hearts - an emotional healing intensive for military veterans

  • Renewal - A Weekend for Sexual Abuse Survivors - intensive program for survivors of abuse.

  • Taming the Tiger, a weekend intensive program based on the 12 step model.

  • The Making of a Master - an apprenticeship training program for Taking It Lightly instructors

  • Programs for Educators:

    • Teaching Responsible Children

    • Preventing Violence - Making Friends with Our Emotions

    • Reframing for a Positive Classroom

    • Teaching in the Adult Classroom

  • Numerous articles, seminars, workshops and training programs

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