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Emotional Intelligence

Connecting the puzzle pieces of success



Patricia Clason has been a professional speaker for 45 years. She has created over 50 workshops, speeches, and keynote presentations highlighting the skills of Emotional Intelligence.

Customizing the content to your organization’s needs is her specialty.


Patricia offers an impressive list of topics for presentation in many formats that can be customized to your specific business venue, goals and personal requirements, including:

Patricia Clason Speaking



Patricia Clason has the knowledge, tools and experience to effectively guide you toward clarifying your goals, defining your plan, and developing the personal accountability required to achieve both your personal and professional aspirations.

  • Executive Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Business Development Coaching

  • Performance Coaching



“In all my experiences of your presentations, you have shown that you are extraordinarily knowledgeable and insightful. Your content is substantive and meaningful, highly charged with “take home” value. The delivery was crisp and professional, yet electrifying in its effect on audience.”

— Rex Coryell, Coordinator, The Executive Committee

"Patricia is terrific. She gave me so many ideas to acknowledge and motivate my staff and many steps I can implement starting right now! She presents in a way that I really want to listen." 

— Professional Development seminar attendee


“Patricia is remarkable! She can give you the essence and principles in a half-hour presentation or an exciting workshop in several hours. Either way, she’ll make sure you get value and something practical to take with you.”

— J Douglas Stewart, PhD, Performance Learning Systems

"I learned some great tools, now I need to put them into practice. She kept us on track. Excellent trainer. Clear balances. She geared her training to different learning styles. I liked the mix of lecture, visuals, handbook and class activities. The program more than met my expectations." 

— Lynda D.W.G. Mason


“I was pleasantly surprised by your fresh approach to the subject. Your psychological approach added depth and went beyond the “do’s and don’ts” of most training sessions.”

— Dan Counigan, Meeting Planners International, MA

"Patricia, I enjoyed the workshop today. It was fun and educational at the same time--which is my favorite way to learn. You teach remarkably well and your choice of material is superb. You have created a warm and aesthetically pleasing environment that I was delighted to spend a few hours in. Thank you," 

— Patti Anderson


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